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We see patients with Emergency eye needs.  We treat eye infections, red eyes, dry eyes, allergy eyes, and so much more.  We remove foreign bodies from eyes. We can prescribe medication for many eye emergencies.


We have been treating dry eyes for over 25 years.  We have different options for your dry eyes. We cater the treatment to meet your specific needs.  These treatments include oral medications, topical drops, vitamins, lid expression, punctual occlusion, scleral contacts and much more

Red eye emergency eye exam of a patient
Red irritated eye from dry eyes or conjunctivitis

Did you know that you can have your prescription put into Sunglass Frames.  You can protect your eyes with Polarized Lenses and still be able to see far away and up-close with your sunglasses.  We can even add mirror coatings and all of this can go into your favorite sunglass frame styles.

We have many different styles of frames to fit any face shape.  Our experienced opticians will help style you.  We offer the best technology in lens materials and our doctors prescribe what is best for you needs.

eyeglasses and sunglasses

We fit many different types of contact lenses including:

soft disposable contacts, daily disposables, daily toric disposables, colored contacts, bifocal/multifocal contacts. We also fit Rigid Gas Permeable contacts including sclerals and orthokeratology,

Finger holding a soft contact lens with astigmatism correction

We diagnose and treat Glaucoma in our office.  Did you know that there are different types of Glaucoma.  These include Narrow Angle Glaucoma, Open Angle Glaucoma, and Normal Tension Glaucoma.  This disease process needs to be followed carefully to diagnose and treat.  Multiple visits are necessary.

xalatan glaucoma eye drops.PNG.webp


We love seeing children in our practice.  We have a passion for treatment of these little people's eyes.  If they don't see well when they are learning about the world, then they can miss out on very important lessons.  Early intervention is very important.  The first eye exam is recommended at 6 months of age.

children running showing paragon and isee orthokeratology image


Myopia Control - can be used to control nearsightedness in children thru early adulthood.  There are 3 methods that we use in myopia control: MiSight Contacts, Orthokeratology, and Atropine Eye Drops.

Yearly, children are carefully evaluated to see if there vision is changing and going towards the direction of increasing Myopia.

Click her For Myopia Control


We evaluate and treatment patients of all ages for eye therapy for different eye muscle disorders that cause reading difficulties.  We also help with vision disorders that affect spatial orientation.  We can help with Dyslexia, also known as Perceptual Visual Skills Dysfunction.  Some patients need help with double vision that may be getting worse as they get older or that may be there from childhood. Come in for your evaluation.

Did you have trouble learning, reading and understanding as a child?  Is your child now suffering? Call us today for an evaluation.


Our doctors have been treating keratoconus sinus 1998.  There are various treatments available from surgery to slow the process and stabilize the cornea to special contact lenses, called Scleral Contacts, to make the vision quality improve significantly.  Don't let keratoconus slow you or your family down.  There are many treatments available now that can give you or your loved ones back your vision.

Click here for Scleral Contact Info.

MiSight Contact Lens Box
Child performing Vision Therapy
scleral contact lens on a patient's eye
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