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Soft Contact Lenses
  • Daily disposable contacts with and without astigmatism correction - Some Now with Blue Blocker and UV Protection

  • Monthly or biweekly disposable contacts

  • Multifocal soft contacts - can now correct near and far vision in one lens

soft contact lens on a fingertip
Toric Soft Contacts
  • Correct astigmatism with soft contacts.

  • Even high astigmatism correction can be corrected with soft contacts.

Scleral Contacts/Gas Permeable
  • Keratoconus

  • Helps with Dry Eyes

  • Clear Up Distorted Vision secondary to corneal scarring 

  • Helps with Ectasia caused by surgery

  • High Prescriptions 

  • Multifocal Prescriptions

  • Covered by Many Insurances

dailies total one for astigmatism contacts
scleral contact

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about Scleral Contacts


Help clear up your vision with overnight wear.  Wake up in the morning with clearer vision

orthokeratology isee contact lenses
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